Blogging 201: Digging Deep into Social Media

Apps 1Today is another day devoted to Social Media on Blogging 201.

Thank you to everyone who’s following me on Twitter and Instagram.

Most likely, I’ve followed you back, especially if you post pictures of books, food, or animals.

However, I’ve had issues with my Facebook page.

My Facebook page is more than just my blog.

I share other blogs, news articles, and other things that catch my eye.

It’s my magpie of social media.

However . . .

I’ve already invited all my friends

I consistently direct my readers to it

I just don’t know how to increase readership and likes/shares on what I post to the newsfeed.


Monday Morning Grievance: Starting Over

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

Monday Morning Grievances Logo 1

I’ve decided to restart this feature. In the past, I shared three or five pet peeves with little or no explanation. It might make more sense to expound upon one unnerving thing at a time.

That said, it might be somewhat ironic that I greatly dislike starting over.

Starting over implies that things haven’t worked out or gone according to plan.

Starting over indicates that things haven’t been entirely thought through.

Starting over hints at failure.

Of course, I also know I’m entirely off-base in these opinions.

But knowing I’m wrong is another grievance for another Monday.



What annoys you?



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Drop a note in the prompt box!

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