Four Thoughts on a Quiet Wednesday Afternoon

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After two long weeks of hustle and bustle, I find myself in my air-conditioned living room facing a quiet afternoon with nothing important to do.

I don’t even have a reason to procrastinate.

Thought 1: A Poem

Today the house stands still
and empty; the only sound:
the gentle hum of fans.

After two long weeks, shrill
noises cease, and I drown
in the void with no plans.

I will sit here and chill
with my books in a mound,
holding tomes in my hands.

Thought 2: Culture

There’s no one home but me and the cat.
Time to sing along with German opera!

Zu Hilfe! Zu Hilfe! Zu Hilfe!

Thought 3: More Culture

Hey! I can get caught up with my TBR.
Then, I can write some book reviews.

Though 4: Probable Reality

I wonder what’s on Netflix?


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