Sunday Snapshots

Another heat wave rolled through this week; I spent time indoors preparing for my parents’ visit in a few weeks.

“Don’t clean on our account,” they say.

However, when the door to Spare Oom (as we call our spare room) refuses to budge against the sheer amount of stuff behind it, a bit of sprucing up may be necessary.

What, you really thought I’d take a picture of my mess?

Yeah, I would . . . if I remembered to do so before I cleaned.


So, what did I take pictures of? Well . . .


I finally finished my at-home TBR, which means I can finally visit the Library again.

It’s my rule; not theirs.

Library Day June 7 2015However, my cleaning uncovered more books.

I guess I won’t be visiting the Library until those are read.

That is, after I return the ones I borrowed.

No sense in racking up unnecessary late fees.

At-Home TBR July 11 2015

I read Lord of the Flies and A Wrinkle in Time already, so they aren’t on the TBR.

Continuing the bookish theme, two packages arrived this week:

Wintersmith Cover The Last Hero Cover

My Discworld collection is almost complete!

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents is on the way.

The Shepherd’s Crown is on pre-order.

Including the last two books, there are still four more books on the way.

Sadly, one of them is detained in Germany due to a strike between Deutsche Post and DHL.

I prepared two comfort-food meals this week:

Venison Roast (with potatoes and corn)

Venison Roast Corn and Potatoes

Leftover gravy made excellent cheesy gravy toast

Venison Gravy Cheesy Toast

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup with Moxie

Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup and Moxie

This was a Sunday-night staple through most of college.

Did anyone else make grilled cheese using a paper bag and an iron?

I found the “cotton” setting the best one for grilling cheese.

As I told you yesterday, I mowed the lawn.

In addition to the many delays, I inadvertently grabbed the gas can without a close top.

So, I improvised and buckled it in.

Gas Can Buckled

I once spilled gas in the truck; it was awful.

And, speaking of vehicles, I reached a milestone of sorts with Castiel.

K named her car after a Supernatural character played my Misha Collins.

She places a winged Castiel pop figure on the dash.

40k milesFinally, here’s a picture of waves that combine to look like a cat.

Cat in the Waves
Neil Gaiman retweeted @FacesPics


What did you do this week?



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