Delayed by the Train

Stopped at Train TracksYesterday I mowed my lawn using a riding lawnmower I borrowed from my in-laws.

On a normal day, the ride back should take ten minutes or so.

Yesterday was not a normal day.

It began with the dinging of the gas light.

A Ford F150 Extended Cab hauling mowing paraphernalia might get 15 miles to the gallon.

Fine, I thought, I’ll just put a few gallons in on the way back.

No biggie.

At that exact moment, the car ahead of me slowed; the drawbridge was opening.

Great. Just what I need. Who knows how long this will take.

5 minutes?

10 minutes?

Once, I waited for 45 minutes.

Today, that would be a disaster.

Then I looked left.

Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a train crossing those tracks before.

Any augur would run for the hills.

An augur I am not.

The drawbridge wasn’t open too long, and I drove on my merry way.

Then I realized: those little-used train tracks currently in use run right through town.

I’ll have to take the detour by the Library.

I forgot the train tracks run by the library.

I remembered too late to turn around.

A miracle! The car ahead of me left enough space for it to pull a u-turn; now I have enough space to correct my course.

I’ll just head through the historical district . . . where they just so happen to be doing utility work.

Still good, just do down one street and back up to the old Maola plant road . . . which is closed for road work.

Of course.

All this and I’m exactly one block closer to my destination – and once again blocked by the train.

Mercifully, it passes and I’m free once more, driving happily alongside the train.

Which must then turn in my direction.

Lowering the barrier and forcing me to wait yet again.

No way possible way around it unless I want to go nearly all the way back to my in-laws, take the bypass around town, and come in from the other direction.

In all, a good 15 mile trip. In a truck whose gas signal hasn’t stopped dinging at me.

Ain’t happening.

I sit the train out and make it home.

Ten minutes? Try Forty-five.

Oh, what happened with the gas?

Well, luckily I had filled a gas can, knowing what remained in the lawn mower would not suffice.

I poured half the gas in the truck and half the gas in the truck; it was enough to finish the job and get me to a gas station once I was done.

Hey, I can hear the train whistle from my house!

Stupid train.



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