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They say marriages fall apart over three things: religion, money, and (un)faithfulness.

However, no one talks about the radio.

Let me assure you, while Krystal and I have no plans to divorce, the radio has been a source of tension for years.

We’ll be driving down the road and she’ll reach over and change the station, claiming “this music is too old.”

In fairness, some the music is, in fact, old.

No one would deny that “A Vesta was from Latmos Hill Descending” or the Kryrie Eleison from the Pope Marcellus Mass are old.

Even some jazz is old.

On a related note, I was saddened to hear of Tom Mallison’s passing. Many knew him better as Tom the Jazzman from his Public Radio show “An Evening with Tom the Jazzman.” I first heard his show many years ago on WJFF out of Jeffersonville, NY and later lived miles from his some station of WTEB New Bern, NC.

Anyway. What classifies as “too old” for music?

100 years?

50 years?

10 years?

1 year?

And, perhaps even more importantly, does music’s age influence its enjoyability?

I appear to have asked more questions than I’ve answered.

Ah well; such is the nature of things.



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