In the Morning



Ding dong, dong ding
Hear the chimes ring
From the high tower
Hark to the hour

Roll over and turn off the alarm.

Westminster chimes, really?

Since when did they wake up anyone?

Oh well. Time to get up.

Head to the bathroom for morning ablutions

No shaving nicks – huzzah!

Breakfast of cereal and toast: raisin bran and rye.

Back to the bedroom to decide what to wear.

Will anyone notice yesterday’s clothes?

Walk out the door to

Wait. What?

Dress slacks and a t-shirt?

Inside, there’s cereal on the floor and bread in the microwave.

Touching a cheek to find shaving cream.

The clock reads 2:15 AM.

Sleepwalking again.

somnambulant promptThanks, Vanessa!



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8 thoughts on “In the Morning

    1. Thanks for dropping by; I’m glad you like it. It’s fiction loosely based on reality as I’ve never sleepwalked before. Or, if I have, no one was there to witness it. I can only go on what others have told me.


  1. Bread in the microwave. At least you didn’t trip over the dog…there’s bound to be a dreamy dog included.
    Many times I do editing and rewriting in my sleep – so if I can get up really early before others and immediately get to work, a lot gets done very quickly.

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