Blogging 201: Archives and Scheduling

Thank you all for your patience as I [once again] make my way through Blogging 201.

This is a two-for-one post!


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve adjusted the sidebar widgets.

Specifically, I’ve changed how you the reader can find my other posts.

Delve the Archives via the monthly calendar or search everything I’ve published using your favorite keyword.

See my what other readers like [i.e. top-viewed posts or pages].

At the bottom of my posts, you’ll still see related topics.

I’ve enabled WordPress’ large and dynamic option for a more interesting view.


I’m still working on a routine blogging schedule.

In addition to the stuff I write because I want to, I’m in the process of developing

Sunday Snapshots where I show you my week in pictures.

Monday Morning Grievances where I explain my pet peeves.

Teaser Tuesday where I share what I’m currently reading and give short reviews of what I’ve read.

Photo Challenge Thursday where I participate in the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

Free Write Friday where I use prompts supplied by you the reader to produce a post.

Currently, I have nothing for Wednesday or Saturday.

What do you think of these themes?

Do you have a favorite – or least favorite, as the case may be?


What do you think of my post ending, encouraging readers to drop a note in the prompt box or follow my other social media sites?

Should I keep this or get rid of it?

For the record, the Facebook page is not my personal page, it’s the page I set up specifically for the blog.

Thanks for your valued input!


Have a suggestion for a poem, photograph, or future post?

Drop a note in the prompt box!


Don’t forget to follow me on:

Facebook – where I share news stories, articles from other blogs, and various and sundry miscellany that happens to catch my eye. It’s stuff you won’t see here! Well, mostly.

Instagram – where I show you my Life in Motion and share quotes and such. The widget only shows my last three photographs – don’t you want to see them all?

Twitter – where you can see my thoughts in 140 characters or less. Also, funny retweets.

6 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Archives and Scheduling

  1. Jay: Do you find it difficult to maintain a cohesive theme for your blog, considering the variety of approaches? I don’t know if it’s the English major in me, but I feel like I have got to stick to my theme so I can’t really move from topic to topic as easily as I might like — except perhaps in direct response to current events or specific reading I’ve done. You know I always read you because I like your style, but do some readers come looking for specific subjects/points of view and are then disappointed that you haven’t covered them because it’s Sunday? Or does it all wash because there’s always Tuesday coming?

    BTW in answer to your earlier question, your blog views well on my mobile device (Kindle Fire).

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    1. I’m not quite sure I have a cohesive theme; I enjoy so many things. If I did a blog just for current events or just for photography or just for fictional writing, I would weary myself. I like appealing to different people on different days of the week – and some people show up nearly every day, too! My photography posts actually get the most views; the Teaser Tuesday feature generally gets the most likes. However, no-one really seems to comment. At least, until recently. There’s been a very slight uptick since the beginning of the Blogging U course.

      Thanks for stopping by, looking around, and commenting. Much appreciated and insightful.


  2. Speaking as someone whose interests (and blogging topics) are all over the map I really like your site for the variety. TBH I’m one of those blog readers that only reads blogs when it slaps me upside the head with some kind of flashing “new content” notification (thank god for twitter) or when I sit down for a few hours and read a whole slew of them.

    I love the idea of the prompt box! tell me, does it *cough* notify you who made the suggestion or can it be anonymous? just curious. *whistles innocently*

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to look around and do some exploring! Sounds like you had a good time 😉

      To answer your question, I know who the prompts come from, but I always ask permission before using someone’s name. I figure it’s only right to direct someone to the blogger that helped me out, you know?

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