Monday Morning Grievances

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

Garfield I Hate MondaysSpecifically, I dislike:

1. train crossings

2. censorship

Contrary to popular public opinion, you can think for yourself.

Don’t let the government or social media tell you what to think.


3. unremovable smartphone apps

Apple’s pre-installed apps takes up 50% of useable data.

4. “wrong” passwords

How can it be incorrect?

5. unhelpful help desks

If they won’t give help or information, why do they exist?

What are your grievances?

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Grievances

  1. These days “help desks” exist so the company can check off the consumer friendly box…their whole objective is to drive you away (and do it so you never wish to come back) and make sure you do it all on line (so they can eventually do away with the help desk – which is misnamed anyway)
    There. Is that helpful?
    When tolerance only means “only thinking exactly this way”. When those who wring hands the most loudly about bullying being unfair and destructive themselves use the exact same bullying techniques to silence opposing thought without anyone calling them out. When name calling and demonizing others is instantly chosen instead of solid logic and reasoned debate. When “live and let live” becomes “live the way I demand you do”. When people become afraid to correct falsehoods or speak an opposing view.
    This is when it’s more than slippery slope for free thinking and personal opinions.

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