Sunday Snaphots

This week I stayed inside and tried to beat the 100+ heat index.

However, I did go out earlier in the week and take some photographs.

These were inspired by DM Shepherd’s Ghost Sign:

I did some tutoring at the school this week; tree removal has begun:

Tree Removal

Smokey begged for the venison I cooked up:

Smokey Begging

What did I make?

Venison Alfredo and Venison Sloppy Joe.

My sister-in-law needed her battery changed:

Mustang Car Battery

This sunset caught my eye:

IMG_3329Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!

These little guys and girls reminded me to make way for ducklings:

An ever-present reminder of hurricane season:

Science Friday favorited and retweeted one of my tweets!


What did you do this week?


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