Sunday Snapshots

As you might remember, my folks visited this week.


They arrived Saturday afternoon and wanted to go out to dinner.

Mom chose Red Robin (Yum!); so we piled into the van and away we went.

Halfway there I realized I was still in my work shirt.

Luckily, Red Robin is attached to the mall, and one of the stores had a sale.


MST3K shirt detailHooray for MST3K!



On the way out the door for Sunday church, Mom realized that Dad and I dressed very similarly:
Dad and Me on Sunday
As we were close to the beach, we visited Fort Macon and Atlantic Beach between the morning and evening services.
First up, Fort Macon:


As I wandered around looking for unique architectural details, I noticed something about the springer.


Then, it was on to the beach!

 And onto the beach, as it were.



That evening, we were back at church. What luck it was a fellowship night!




We went shopping for groceries to make apple pie.



Dad also cleaned our coffee pots. He did a good job, even if I did have to stop him from trying to take apart the Keurig.




We visited the Farmer’s Market and Tryon Palace




I made a Venison Roast, which I didn’t take a picture of; however, we did have apple pie and vanilla ice cream for desert:


Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream



Mom and Dad left Wednesday morning, but not before we ate breakfast at Baker’s Kitchen


Mom and Dad at Baker's Kitchen

Thursday – Saturday

Soon after they left, I developed all the symptoms of a simply wonderful summer cold.

So, I used the time to catch up on my TBR:
Library Books July 31 2015


What did you do this week?



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