Wicked Word Wednesday Week 2 Results

Wicked Word Wednesday ResultsThe second Wicked Word Wednesday fared much better than the first; thanks to all for the feedback to make this possible.

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s Wicked Word Wednesday challenge!

The Wicked Word was contrary, and there were some wonderful entries.

With an Honorable Mention, kelli:

2. perversely inclined to disagree or to do the opposite of what is expected or desired.
See also “teenager” or “rebellion”

Despite no longer having parts of my head shaved (or brightly dyed) or body piercings, I still maintain my contrarian status. Sheep are stupid, don’t be a sheep.

In third place, housewifeish:

To my son, the three year old:

Mister J, quite contrary
How are you still alive?!
With attitude and talking back
‘Twill be a wonder if you survive.

We have a tie for second place! Congratulations . . .


Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow…

Container gardening might seem a contrary way to grow edible plants, but we live in the woods and moose are contrary creatures who like to snack and don’t like to share.

Dr. Meg Sorick:

“Sir!” James cried as the candidate left the press conference. “Everything you just said goes contrary to the position you’ve taken! It’s political suicide!”
“Everything I stand for is contrary to popular opinion,” he replied. “That is political suicide.”

And in first place [drumroll please]


Contrary to popular belief, Mary Quite Contrary wasn’t being difficult – she was just being herself. Don’t be contrary – just do it my way. Contrary, often with a negative connotation, actually just means someone has a different opinion. What’s wrong with that?

Congratulations to all our winners, you’ve earned the right to use a Wicked Word Wednesday Place Badge!

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Thank you once again for participating; don’t forget to come back next Wednesday for another Wicked Word . . . and bring a friend!


Sunday Snapshots

One word dominated my week:


Teacher Grade BookA sure omen that summer break has ended.

classroom 2015-2016I finished my classroom with hours to spare.

I wrote the rough draft to a veteran’s day program – 6,000 words – in under 24 hours. Editing takes place this weekend; roles assigned on Monday; rehearsals begin Tuesday – only 46 school days to performance.

Sticky Notes Veteran's DaySo many sticky notes! So many references!

School began Friday; this was the first thing I did upon arriving:

first coffe of school 2015-2016Yes, it was gone by 10:00.

Oh, someone donated 2000 square feet of sod.

laying sod 1 laying sod 2Teachers wear many hats; now I can add “sod layer” to the list.


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