Caveat Emptor

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Saturdays here on Running in My Head are what I call “Uncensored Saturdays” in that I write what I really feel about a particular subject with no regard for tact or certain types of political correctness.

You may not like my point of view.

You may find what I have to say offensive.

And that’s fine.

However, I hope they won’t make you feel less of me or cause you to stop reading my blog on the “creative” days.

See something you don’t like, disagree with, or think I’ve got totally wrong?

Great! Leave a comment; let’s start a discussion.

I consider myself both educated and open-minded. I know why I believe what I do, yet I’m not so stuck-in-the-mud to consider other opinions or the fact I might be wrong.

Ten years ago, I was an authoritarian-leaning Republican; now I’m a centrist independent leaning mainly conservative or libertarian depending on the issue.

That change didn’t come about on its own, it came about because I was willing to listen to others with opposing views.

I’d like to think I still have that open mind.

I only ask you keep the conversation civil.

With that in mind, here we go:

I have a love-hate relationship with regulation.

I love to hate it.

As always, I must amend my statement:

I realize some regulation is necessary for the good of society as a whole.

But taken as a whole, regulation is oppressive and unnecessary.

Specifically, regulation of consumers in an economic model.

Too many government agencies pretend to know what’s best for us and act like parents at the grocery store:

No, you can’t have that candy bar; it’s bad for you.

or rather

No, you can’t buy those contact lenses because you haven’t had an eye exam in a year.

or better

Things have been going well for you. You know what? You’d better pay another $100 or so to make sure things keep going well, because it’d be a shame if something should happen.

Technically, the FDA doesn’t regulate the consumer of contact lenses.

Instead, they’ve made it illegal for companies in the United States to sell contact lenses without verifying a recent (less than a year old) prescription.

Therefore, they’ve also restricted consumer access to a need in the name of so-called “safety”.

It’s little more than extortion. Really, a yearly checkup for contact lenses?

I’d like to see the proof that failing to take such action results in health problems.

Especially since the optometrist lobby apparently lent a large helping hand to that particular piece of legislation.

Thankfully, it’s not yet illegal to buy contacts from certain reputable foreign countries without a prescription; although some companies are changing that policy.

In this age of information-on-demand, the old Latin adage should suffice:

Caveat Emptor

Let the buyer beware.

Note: I personally have never worn contact lenses.

However, this shouldn’t prohibit me from railing against stupid laws.

As my speech teacher once said:

Stand Up. Speak Up. Shut Up.

Since I’ve run out of steam and have nothing more to say, I’ll turn it over to you in the comments.


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