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Smokey 27 July 2015

Last week, Ginjuh over at Ginger’s Grocery admitted her somewhat guilty pleasures when left to her own devices.

This week, I’m in the same predicament – sort of.

K’s schedule and mine are off-synch for a few days; I’ll be at home while she’s at work.

Then, she may or may not go out of town most of the day Saturday.

I always start with best intentions:

Do the Laundry

Do the Dishes

Bake a Pie

Work on Lesson Plans

Get some Groceries

Inevitably I fall foul of my baser nature:

Eat All the Junk Food

Watch all the Netflix

Read all the Books

Really though, is this last one so bad?

MST3K shirt detail

Take this weekend; I already know how it will pan out.

She’ll leave early in the morning; I’ll get up with her.

When she leaves, I’ll sit down to do some lesson plans.

I might actually start planning after an hour or so – you know, once I’ve gotten caught up on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and WordPress and my email.

Around lunchtime I’ll go and get something to eat – most likely a Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni and a liter of Wal-Mart brand Ginger Ale.

Don’t judge me, I have a coupon for free breadsticks.

Little Caesars Mascot

However, I can’t exactly work on school stuff with all the grease around, right?

I’ll just watch something while I eat.

and watch

and watch

and watch

Until it’s time for supper, in which case hey, I have half a pizza left over from lunch; no sense in letting it go to waste.

But you know, all that awful junk food is starting to upset my stomach.

You know what I’d like about now? A milkshake.

And guess what? It’s after 8:00, so milkshakes are half-price at Sonic!

Shall I get my normal Banana Cream Pie or shall I be a bit more . . . adventurous?

Check back on Sunday to find out what happened!


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