Monday Morning Grievance: No Turn Signals

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

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Dear Driver In Front of Me,

I see that you’re driving a vehicle made after the 1940s. Now, I can’t see into your vehicle, so I don’t know what features you have.

Maybe you have a cd/mp3 player or satellite radio. Those things beat a cassette player / radio combo, which is still better than an 8-track, which is either marginally better than nothing at all or slightly worse than nothing – I’m really not sure on that last score.

Perhaps you have heated seats; those are going to come in very handy in the next couple of months. Even here in eastern North Carolina (USA), the winters have gotten a bit colder and slightly more brutal than in the past. Climate change, am I right?

Conceivably you have seat belts and air bags and some kind of impact protection that – depending on the year and the study – safety experts alternately claim protect us or put us in more danger. Really, you’d think they could make up their minds.

If you’re really rolling in the dough, you’ve got a movie playing device or two or three to keep your passengers quiet while you navigate the blacktop. Whatever.

However, there is one feature I know you have (see made after 1940s):

turn signals

Please use them . . . or you just might end up needing some of those safety features I just mentioned.

Not that I’d ram you on purpose, mind; I wouldn’t go to prison just to teach you a lesson.

Fate will see to that



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