Thurday Afternoon: A One-Act Play

Thursday Afternoon

A Play in One Act

Recounting an Hour of My Life

Dramatis Personae:

Markus – the weary schoolteacher

Nature – the capricious monarch of weather

Traffic – maker of mischief and creator of consternation


Scene: a school building at the end of day – approximately 3:45 PM – deserted but for one person.

M: Finally! Everyone is gone; now I can go home, too.

Enter: Nature

N: You sound stressed. I shall send a gentle rain to wash it away and soothe your spirit.

M: That sounds great, but can you wait til I get home? I’d enjoy it more then.

N: I think that’s kind rude, but I don’t blame you. You know what you need? A pulsating massage!

M: Really, that’s quite all right. I appreciate your offer, but this isn’t the best place, you know?

N: Man, you are uptight. What you really need is a pulsating deep tissue massage.

M: You know what? I’m just going to wait here until you wear yourself out.

[fifteen minutes later]

M: That took slightly longer than expected.

Enter: Traffic

T: Oh, you’re headed home? You look lonely. Let me send you some company. I’ve got some buses in the area; they’ll be sure to get you up close and personal with your fellow travelers!

M: Why can’t you just leave me alone? I just want to get home!

N: You still look stressed. Pulsating deep tissue massage!

M: You have absolutely no idea, do you?

N: Fine, I’ll take you out you ungrateful wretch!

[Markus falls on the concrete patio of his house.]

[Later, Inside]

N: You look stressed. I shall send you a gentle rain to wash it away and soothe your spirit.

M: Sigh . . .




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