Sunday Snapshots

What did I do this week?

Well . . .

I helped Krystal participate in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the Word has Ever Seen by

showing her idea of love

using cat tails as mustaches

no cats were harmed in the creation of this project

creating a portrait of Robert Downey, Jr. / Ironman out of salt & pepper

holding Death’s funeral

writing a short story with the letters of elemental abbreviations as found on the Periodic Table

taping an End of the World message

proving no man is an island

recreating a Roadrunner cartoon

in the style of a Sam Shepherd play

in the style of Michael Bay

throwing a conspiracy theorist party

making a trailer for a horror flick called X is for Xylophone

designing furniture from recycled materials found outside

playing croquet on the lawn of an historic site

while dressed as zombies

recreating a national landmark with the food in our pantry

There might have been a few things I missed.

However, since these actions were part of competition, I can’t show you any pictures . . . yet.

So, what can I show you?

My package arrived from Germany:

Er Ist Wieder Da Package


I made two more apple pies:

Apple Pies August 7 2015

I just couldn’t let my leftover apples from the last ones go to waste, you know?

My submission for Three Line Thursday earned an Honorable Mention:

Three Line Thurday Honorable Mention
My plans changed for Saturday and I didn’t get Little Caesar’s pizza nor did I get a milkshake. But we did order pizza Friday night and – look! – there’s Wal-Mart brand Ginger Ale just like I claimed:

Pizza and Ginger Ale August 7 2015

What Did You Do This Week?


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