Sunday Snapshots

Sometimes I forget what I’ve done over the past week.

Then I look at the photos on my camera and think “Oh yeah! I remember that!”

Such was the case this week.

Mr Toms Birthday CupcakesMr. Tom’s birthday was this week.

He turned 97.

He wanted cupcakes, so he got cupcakes.

I”ll be honest, the “balloons” looked a bit odd.

Blackened WalmartApparently I went to Walmart at some point. I know it was during a storm, and for whatever reason the overhead lights were out. Everything else was working just fine . . . just not the lights. Go figure.

I’m fining I take quite a few pictures of food . . . maybe so I can remember what I ate? For example: I went to Wendy’s when K was craving something salty and we had nothing in the house; I picked up some french fries and a vanilla frosty to go with them. On Monday, a student brought me a bacon and egg croissant from Dunkin’ Donuts. And, for reasons yet unknown, I took a picture of buttered bread.

I think I took this picture of a book and coffee for last week’s photo challenge (today was a good day) but never posted it. In other book news, the last Discworld novel The Shepherd’s Crown was released. The last book is for me to keep track of stuff in. So long as I don’t lose that book, I’m ok.

And finally, this past Friday was National Bow Tie Day (International??)

Red Bow Tie

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