Old Books Deserve New Life

Intro to Scientific German 1935

Normally, I’d be writing a post based on a submission from the prompt box or something I’ve read on another awesome blog.

This is not a normal day.

You see, I was gifted a box or two stuffed with old books.

Old, wonderful books.

Old, wonderful, fantastic books.

Books that have outlived their usefulness.

Books without sentimental or intrinsic value.

Books that deserve better than an unceremonious trip to the dump.

So I ask, what can I do with these books?

The internet tells me I should make some sort of box or wall art.

A few sites suggested covering walls or furniture with “favorite pages”.

Trust me, I wouldn’t be disassembling my favorite books.

I’m not exactly creative when it comes to crafting or the visual arts.

I can see things in my head; my hands won’t cooperate.

However, I used to think that about writing; I’d like to think I’ve honed some skills over the past few years.

I need a nice, easy, simple project using old books or the pages of old books.

What would you suggest?


In case you’re wondering:

No, I will not be using Introduction to Scientific German.

First of all, it was a gift from my brother.

Second of all, it’s much too nice to cut apart.



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