Wicked Word Wednesday Week 3 Results

Wicked Word Wednesday Results
This week had a clear winner.

With a win margin of five votes, the victor of Wicked Word Wednesday Week Three is:

Dr Meg Sorick

“You’re too sedentary,” she said.
“I can’t help it. I’m a rock,” he replied.
“That’s sedimentary, you idiot!”

Thanks to all who participated, but given the lack of voting this week – does anyone know what may have happened? – there’d be too many “ties” to award other places.

Meg, go ahead and claim your badge!

4 thoughts on “Wicked Word Wednesday Week 3 Results

  1. Obviously Meg won because it was a very clever entry. I’m not sure what happened with voting – maybe everyone was on vacation last week (or starting back to school – groan!)

    For what it’s worth, when I tried to post a link on my page so that people could go to yours it seems like pingbacks (not that I really understand how they work) were triggered and people “liked” my entry but not on your page (even though I told them to like it there) meaning – some people may have thought they were voting but were doing it in the wrong place.Not sure if that happened for anyone else but I thought I would mention it.

    Either way – Meg would have won but since I know you are trying to understand how this all works (as am I) I thought I would share it with you.
    Hang in there – I’m still looking forward to Wednesday’s word. Don’t give up!

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  2. Meg definitely deserved to win – superb entry. CONGRATULATIONS Meg!

    I was wondering if the initial few comments which were not entries might have confused people? You had to scroll down quite a bit to find the entries and then of course there were the Ping backs.

    Perhaps we need to email you our entries instead and then they all appear in a poll post? Having said that that would be lots of extra work for you so maybe bad idea.

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