Wicked Word Wednesday (2)

Greetings logophiles and other creative types! It’s time for another

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Quick Overview:

One entry per person.

42 words max.

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Entries must be posted by midnight Eastern Time (New York City time).

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Some Changes Since Last Week

Last week was the very first Wicked Word Wednesday, and while things went swimmingly, some things needed ironing out.

If you participated last week, please note:

You must leave your entry in the comment section of this post.

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In fact, I’ve disabled pingback notifications.

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Some interested participants missed out; let’s avoid tragic misunderstandings!

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Since photographs cannot be embedded in the comments section of WordPress.com hosted sites, photography is no longer an entry option.

I apologize for any inconvenience.



Enough chit-chat – what’s the Wicked Word?


The Wicked Word is . . .


The Game is Afoot!

You have 24 hours.


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6 thoughts on “Wicked Word Wednesday (2)

  1. Contrary to popular belief, Mary Quite Contrary wasn’t being difficult – she was just being herself. Don’t be contrary – just do it my way. Contrary, often with a negative connotation, actually just means someone has a different opinion. What’s wrong with that?

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  2. con·trar·y
    2. perversely inclined to disagree or to do the opposite of what is expected or desired.
    See also “teenager” or “rebellion”

    Despite no longer having parts of my head shaved (or brightly dyed) or body piercings, I still maintain my contrarian status. Sheep are stupid, don’t be a sheep.

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  3. “Sir!” James cried as the candidate left the press conference. “Everything you just said goes contrary to the position you’ve taken! It’s political suicide!”
    “Everything I stand for is contrary to popular opinion,” he replied. “That is political suicide.”

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